Scented Stories from the Stars: Air and Earth
Keep scrolling, or swiping. We often forget how attuned to looking for validation we are, so much so that we forget the stars are watching us with all their constellations spelling out what we should be doing.
Scented Stories from the Stars: Fire and Water
Finding a new scent? A task that is either sensual and sexy or daunting and narcissistic, depending on the onlooker, purpose, or the story of your skin.
Jasmine: Across History and Across the World
With nearly 200 different varieties and up to 259 molecules that make up its fragrance, Jasmine is a prolific and prolific flower to say the least.
1472: Of Life After Life
This Paradise is not intended here to be the scent of a place, nor that of an idea - it is not intended to be the image of a reality from above.
Christmas and Books Should Be Best Friends
Christmas and books are best friends, are they not? For surely, what better than books to find below the well decked tree?
Chocolate and Marie Antoinette
"At seven o'clock, Sanson comes in. (...) The Queen lunches of a cup of chocolate brought in from the neighboring café and one of those sweet rolls called mignonnettes. (...) then the Queen of France went up to the scaffold and rushed to her death."
Discovering the Mind of the Ocean, with Jules Verne
As weathers change, the. mighty ocean stays ever resilient, as the largest body of water and anything on Earth.
Moulin Rouge: The History of the Most Iconic Cabaret of the World
The Moulin Rouge, with a backyard that was once home to a huge (faux) elephant, has a name that may have been inspired by a gory event in Montmartre history. It also is home to the CanCan which is in the Guiness Book of Records. And it finally reopens after the pandemic!
Ernest Feelings about Drinking, by Hemingway
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Drinkers have a nuanced etiquette of moderation to stupor, but nobody taught us the truths of drinking better than the lover of rum and frequenter of bars, Ernest Hemingway.
1828 by Histoires de Parfums X Baby Yors: An Exclusive Interview
Read our interview with Baby Yors, the celebrated vocalist and fashion muse, for more on his inspiration, and his addiction to his newest favorite scent: 1828.
The Tumultuous, Eventful, Unforgettable Summer of 1969
1969 is a scent as revolutionary as the year it's named for. Read of the eventful year that truly shaped life and times as we know them.
A Midsummer Daydream
Ah, here comes the middle of summer... like a neverending midsummer daydream. Whatever you're doing, there is always a reason to rejoice in the heat with Histoires de Parfums.
Summery Cocktails and Scented Concoctions
This July, as we feel inebriated from a free summer and a month of days celebrating the history of liquor and cocktails, let’s pair them with your favorite scents from Histoires de Parfums.
Preserving the History of Pride in New York City
Walk yourself through the history of Pride in New York City, one landmark at a time.
Starting Summer with Official and Unofficial Stories
As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, what actually determines the official and unofficial starts of summer? For many, it will be Memorial Day Weekend, the first three-day weekend that signifies a new beginning.
Full Bodied Book-and-Wine Pairings
Pair your glass with a book and scented story.
Chocolate, Candy, Cookies: A Story of Sweet Perfumes
What do the Gulf and Balkans wars, hot chocolate, Thierry Mugler, candyfloss and a “little black dress” have in common? They are all symbols, more or less obvious, of an olfactory family, the youngest at that: that of gourmand perfumes.
The Queen of Flowers & The Flower of Queens
Thinking of perfumery and femininity inevitably leads to looking at the history of the Rose. This flower, the most emblematic of all, almost the queen of all plants, still captures our imagination.
Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth with 4 Revolutionary Women
March is Women's History Month and it commemorates and encourages the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in history. Annually, March 8 is International Women's Day which globally celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Several such valiant women have inspired our most iconic scents.
Scent of a Man: 4 Tales of Discovery
Of life's many riddles, is a tale as old as time. One of self discovery, and one to find your true identity as it fits into societal norms. Tying each of our characters to personality archetypes is a riddle of sorts that helps you identify who you, your man, or your lover is.
The Play of the Mind
At the turn of the 19th century, on a night of play, trick and sneaky deceit, a middle-aged widow realized, among thick curtains and velvet-lined seats, that love really is ‘an illness to which man is prone at any age’.