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  • Galbanum

    Gerald Ghislain

    Posted on November 08 2019


    Originally from Iran, responsible for the entire world production, galbanum is the star of perfumers when it comes to creating green notes.

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  • Saffron

    Gerald Ghislain

    Posted on September 13 2019


    Risotto Milanese is the emblematic food of the Lombardi capital.

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  • Tuberose

    Gerald Ghislain

    Posted on August 09 2019


    Tuberose is considered to be the most fragrant plant in the world and gives off a strong, suave and captivating scent that heightens after sundown...

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  • Patchouli

    Gerald Ghislain

    Posted on July 09 2019


    Patchouli is a plant originally from Indonesia and Malaysia. Patchouli is used in the composition of chypre, woody and oriental perfumes.

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  • Rose

    Gerald Ghislain

    Posted on June 06 2019


    Native to Asia Minor, the rose has been crowned "Queen of the flowers" since antiquity, the rose is the icon of the flower world both because of her culture and symbolism.

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