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Article: Our discontinued scents.

Our discontinued scents.

Our discontinued scents.

Rediscover Your Favorite Scents with Histoires de Parfums.

At Histoires de Parfums, we understand how fragrances can mark precious moments in your life. That’s why, even when some of our perfumes are discontinued, we strive to offer you alternatives and invite you to rediscover these iconic scents through their equivalents.


For Lovers of Tubéreuse 1

If you were loyal to Tubéreuse 1, we have great news for you : you'll find similar notes in 1969, a perfume that is voluptuous with a bouquet of spices and sensuality.

  • Main Notes : Peach, cacao, cardamom, rose, clove, patchouli, musk.
  • Scent : Oriental, gourmand, spicy.

Why You'll Love It : In the wake of this gourmand scent, mystery is tinged with an eroticism that the mythical year 1969 evokes without blushing.

Customer Reviews : "I absolutely love this fragrance. It has a sexy, mysterious vibe. Not overtly feminine but not masculine either. A perfect unisex scent." - Sophia


Loved Tubéreuse 2 and Tubéreuse 3 ?

If you fondly remember Tubéreuse 2 and Tubéreuse 3, 1472 will rekindle those precious memories…

  • Main Notes : Ylang-Ylang, solar accord, jasmine, and amber.
  • Scent : Floral, woody, soft.

Why You'll Love It : A story of vices and virtues, paradise and hell, lust and ecstasy. Inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

Customer Reviews : " This one smells like happiness in a bottle. How can a scent smell a little floral, a little fresh, warm, complex and full bodied all at once? It's so good...
I found it in my sample set with no description, but knew it was "me" at first sniff. Decent sillage, and longevity..will keep it in my rotation as long as they make it." - Margaret


A New Experience with Petroleum and Ambrarem

For those who loved Petroleum and Ambrarem, we recommend Encens Roi, a perfume where you will find the volume, power, depth, and hyper-woody to animalistic note.

  • Main Notes : Incense, oud, chamomile, saffron, vanilla.
  • Scent : Resinous, smoky, amber.

Expert Opinion : "Encens Roi is characterized by a woody, almost salty freshness, notes of burning wood, resinous, carnal, opulent, between leather and tobacco. We are not strictly in the same note as Petroleum and Ambrarem, but in terms of perception, the richness of Encens Roi will likely touch you." - Sam


For Lovers of 1831

If 1831 was your favorite, take the time to discover 1826. This classic perfume will be a beautiful alternative, with its elegant, sophisticated, fresh, and enveloping touch.

  • Main Notes : Bergamot, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli.
  • Scent : Amber, woody, powdery.

Why You'll Love It : 1826 is a luminous fragrance carried by the power of white flowers. This perfume has the same type of elegance, sophistication, and modernity as 1831.

Customer Reviews : "A distinctive and elegant aroma, not attention-grabbing, but not unnoticed either. Like a tailored suit." – Daniel


Never Left Home Without 1875 ?

For fans of 1875, we recommend 1472 or 1969, two fragrances that will bring you back to the essence of your favorite perfume.

  • 1472 : Notes of tuberose, orange blossom, sandalwood.
  • 1969 : Notes of peach, cacao, cardamom.

Why You'll Love Them: Each of these alternatives captures the delicate nuances of 1875 while adding modern and distinctive touches.


For Admirers of 1890

If you were faithful to 1890, you'll find joy with 1472, Encens Roi, or Prolixe. These perfumes offer a rich, intense, and complex olfactory palette.

  • 1472 : Floral and woody, animalistic, spicy, balsamic.
  • Encens Roi : Resinous, balsamic, warm spicy.
  • Prolixe : Floral, woody, spicy.

Customer Reviews: "This is a most original fragrance. It is complex yet not cloying, not sweet but a little warm, and it has a slight note of something I can’t identify but reminds me of incense. A unique and memorable fragrance." - Lin Martin for 1472

" WOW WOW WOW! I may not find the right words to describe this but if you like resins and frankincense this is a first-place winner. It's full bodied, churchy, balsamic, very masculine, powerful and a beast in terms of longevity and projection, it stays on my skin for 8-9 hours and I can still smell it after having a shower. Perfect for autumn/winter but definitely something to use anytime you feel like. 10/10." - Marius for Encens Roi

" I purchased this scent for my boyfriend's birthday next month, but I'm anticipating that he'll like it. If he doesn't wear it, I will spritz it on myself, as I like all the HdP scents." - MN for Prolixe


Sworn by 1904 ?

For those who cherished 1904, we offer 1826, a sophisticated and timeless fragrance.

  • Main Notes : White flowers, light woods, white musks.
  • Scent : Powdery, woody, floral, musky, vanilla.

Why You'll Love It : This fragrance is luminous, amber, and sensual, carried by the power of white flowers and patchouli.


Adored 1926 ?

You’ll find reminiscences of 1926 in 7753 and Veni.

  • 7753 : Notes of white flowers, oakmoss, and fig.
  • Veni : Notes of white flowers, guaiac wood, saffron.

Customer Reviews : " Veni” is one of my favorite perfumes to wear!!! It’s light but consistent, very nice for all four seasons!!! Constantly receiving compliments from both men and women! Highly recommend, you wouldn’t regret money spent!!!" - Natalia for Veni

"What a sophisticated fragrance...whenever I wear it...I see people following me...almost like the eyes of Mona Lisa" - Lucy for 7753


Loved Vert Pivoine and Blanc Violette ?

Discover This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.2, a fragrance that combines the floral and fresh nuances of these two perfumes.

  • Main Notes : White flowers, ivy, sandalwood.
  • Scent : Floral, fresh, soft.

Why You'll Love It : Blue 1/.2 is characterized by bursts of ivy, lilac, and lily of the valley that brightly illuminate a milky way of sandalwood and white musk.


Remember Olympia ?

With its spicy, fresh, and woody notes, 1899 is the perfect alternative to Olympia.

  • Main Notes : Vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom, amber.
  • Scent : Spicy, sweet, sensual.

Why You'll Love It : 1899 represents a wild night out in the City of Lights, theater, dinner, club, romantic rendezvous... It’s an intoxicating perfume of a hide-and-seek between shadow and light.

Customer Reviews : “These scents are decadent and last all day giving you a feeling of living in another time and place.”- A.S


Make Perfume Not War Left a Lasting Impression ?

If Make Perfume Not War was your favorite, we recommend 1969 or This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.5, fragrances that capture its floral, fruity, fresh, and enveloping characteristics.

  • 1969 : Fruity, woody, powdery notes.
  • Blue 1/.5 : Woody, powdery, fresh notes.

Customer Reviews : "I absolutely love this fragrance. It has a sexy, mysterious vibe. Not overtly feminine but not masculine either. A perfect unisex scent." - Sophia for 1969

"A fresh, clean, and long-lasting smell. Highly recommend!" - Ari G for Bleu 1/.5


How to Choose Your New Perfume

When choosing a new perfume, consider the following:

  • Main Notes : The key ingredients of the perfume.
  • Emotions and Memories : What the perfume evokes for you.
  • Occasion : When and where you plan to wear it.
  • Season : Perfumes can vary according to the season.
  • Olfactory Signature : What reflects your personality.

At Histoires de Parfums, we ensure that each fragrance tells a unique story. We hope these suggestions help you find a perfume that delights you as much as your old favorites.

Thank you for being part of our story. For more tips and new releases, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.

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