1969: Histoires de Parfums X Baby Yors
With an effervescent history of characteristic scents inspired by the evocative, evasive and controversial lives of characters, Histoires de Parfums is humbled to collaborate with Baby Yors, the celebrated vocalist and fashion muse.
Are natural perfumes better than synthetics ones?

There are several considerations one must make on niche perfumery. You will surely have noticed that the world of niche perfumery has somewhat shattered lately into even small bubbles, each more confidential than the next.


3 Reasons to Wear Perfume in the Times of Social Distancing

What a curious, what a marvelous sensation – to inhale, to breathe in, to seep in the micro perfumes of the day at last, to smell. For the days have been long for all of us confined, forced to watch, immobile, the blossoms of spring as they waned; yet here we are, outside and alive anew, and as we return to the rituals of yesterday, reaching for our lipstick and trimming our beards, there flies a question on everyone’s lips: should I wear perfume again?