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Article: Scent of a Man: 4 Tales of Discovery

Scent of a Man: 4 Tales of Discovery

Scent of a Man: 4 Tales of Discovery

Of life's many riddles, is a tale as old as time. One of self discovery, and one to find your true identity as it fits into societal norms. Tying each of our characters to personality archetypes is a riddle of sorts that helps you identify who you, your man, or your lover is. Find the love via the route of scents.

Histoires de Parfums

The Romantic

The ageless summer of ageless lovers. The Romantic child in any man whose heart is stricken with love – the scent of loving men always. Lavender tunes on licorice hues as the lover scurries through the sunlit prairie. Like his love, enveloping and soft almond notes sparkle through a mist of fresh citruses.

Things he likes:
  • The Italian Riviera
  • Italian Citrus
  • Licorice
  • Seductive Quotes

His scent: 1725
Licorice, Lavender, Amber

1725: The Romantic

The Seducer

The modern male hedonist. He seduces like a falcon haughty, bears the might of old princes. An entirely unforgettable man, so much so that one thinks he is a dream. A    seductive dream, unseizable, naught but his trail of incense and smokey vanilla that is left behind. A headturning swirl of spices on a leathery skin. A desert night and immortal flowers at sunset. A  voluptuous smile conquering bodies and minds.

Things he likes:
  • Leather Toys
  • Nocturnal Beings
  • Foggy Nights
  • Foreplay

His scent: 1740
Davana, Labdanum, Leather

1740: The Seducer

The Adventurer

The one who will whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure. He is the man traveller who knows not fear, the adventurer of now and here. He walks with the freshness of seas unseen – before him comes the lemony breeze of Amalfi. The sweet tingle of eucalyptus groves meets the pepper of his smiles; in pitch-black shades and linen shirt atop the cedarwood deck of his boat.

Things he likes:
  • Amalfi Coast 
  • Sailing
  • Treasure Chests
  • Linen Shirts 

His scent: 1828
Citrus, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Woods, Cedar

1828: The Adventurer

The Intellectual

Intellectual without being boring, in an almost seductive way. He has seen the world in books and trips, he is sophistication embodied. A true intellectual in mind and flesh.  A man serene under an orange blossom tree, his eyes kindling with the light of wit. A cinnamon thread meets a base of vetiver as they coil around a stem of juniper. 

Things he likes:

  • The Opera 
  • Bowties and Tiepins
  • Fine Wines
  • Literature 

His scent: 1899
Juniper, Cinnamon, Vetiver

1899: The Intellectual

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