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Woody Chypre

Rose, Berries, Patchouli

A breath of mystery, this extraordinary elixir of Cyprus Wood excites and arouses the senses.

Timeless classics

Noir Patchouli

Sale price$6.00

The Patchouli Fower, grown in the East, exhales an intense and bewitching scent from its leaves.
Mysterious and captivating, Noir Patchouli is a multi-faceted fragrance that exudes delicate floral notes followed by exotic ambery ones.

Noir Patchouli
Noir Patchouli Sale price$6.00

Audacious, disruptive, generous, hyper-creative, and... Parisian!

Such are the fragrances envisioned by Gérald Ghislain, a loquacious individual with a luxuriant imagination who has chosen to bring his stories to life through perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium.