Blue Discovery Set

Blue Discovery Set

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Dive into the infinite possibilities of Blue and discover which is your energy between Abstraction, Light, Fire, Yin, Yang and Love.

The Set Includes:

6 samples + blotters

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.1, an irresistible Aldehyde. A hypnotic call of fantasized pleasure from Bitter Orange. A mysterious abyss of Patchouli emotion. This is the perfume of Abstraction. Discover

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.2, a beam of Ivy, Lilac and Lily of the Valley illuminates a Sandalwood and
    White Musk milky way. This is the perfume of Light. 

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.3, a Blood Orange sun rises over Rose and Saffron’s blazing circle, liberating Leather’s endless power. This is the perfume of fire. Discover

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.4, the lunar and luscious strength of Davana and Ylang-Ylang takes root in the balmy depths of Labdanum and Opoponax. This is the perfume of Yin. Discover

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.5, a solar and Ozonic blast encounters the subtle transparency of the Aldehyde attraction to land on a fresh Minerality. This is the perfume of Yang. Discover

  • This is not a blue bottle 1.6, a blue planet, juicy like an Orange whence Lotus and Orange Blossom spring like seaspray. A haze of White Musks and tropics of Neroli shape a continent of Vanilla deserts. Discover 

  • A Promotional Card to apply 15% off towards your full size fragrance purchase

    *Please note, the exact composition of the discovery kit is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Every order is guaranteed the given number of vials.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    So many good smells/ love it


    I’ve been looking for something different. I finally got it.


    Very unique scents. Classic and lovely.

    Liv D

    Blue Discovery Set

    Jury still out

    Which Not a Blue Bottle is my favorite.

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