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citrus floral

Yuzu, Neroli, White Musks

This is not a blue bottle 1/.6

Sale price$215.00

Green souls fall in love in the shade of Citrus trees. Your laughter exhales a song of Yuzu zests and my kisses flutter, white, like petals of Neroli – as they rest on your Grapefruit lips. Red. The pulp of my fingers run along your Jasmine neck, I drink the blue seas of your eyes and the smell of your smiles. There is a heat, a whiff of Vanilla, of two bodies entwined in a shape of White Musks. Hypnotic Lotus and dilated pupils, there comes from my fingers like a moan of Geranium, a desire to taste you like a sip of Orange juice. Green. I waft towards you on the wings of your skin-of-clouds. “Words do not lie”. There is no end to me.

This is not a blue bottle 1/.6
This is not a blue bottle 1/.6 Sale price$215.00
This is a blue planet, juicy like an Orange whence Lotus and Orange Blossom spring like seaspray. A haze of White Musks and tropics of Neroli shape a continent of Vanilla deserts.
Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Yuzu
Lotus, Neroli, Orange Blossom
White Musks, Vanilla, Vetiver

Customer Reviews

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Must try

Nice silage. Get many compliments

Shellie May
Absolutely divine

I usually hate buying perfumes oner the internet necause inevitably I'll pay a fortune for somethng and it will smell absolutely horrid on me and make me want to cut off whatever appendage I sprayed the perfume on.

This, however, is different. Glorious sweet citrusy, summery, scent that I could just bathe in.

If citrus is your thing, and you want a scent reminiscent of pretty things and flower garlands, gentle sun streaming through an orange grove and blossoms in green meadows, this is it. Buy it. you will never regret it.

Wakiem Logan

This is not a blue bottle 1/.6



this is not a blue bottle derives its name from “The Treachery of Images”, a famous work in the 1920s by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The painting shows the image of a pipe above a declaration which reads, translated from French, as “This is not a pipe”. In between the line where things go from void to existence, there is a profound depth of possibility.

this is not a blue bottle is the allegory of a fragrant big bang, a journey from the abstract to the most fiery of emotions in the infinite realm of blue.

Audacious, disruptive, generous, hyper-creative, and... Parisian!

Such are the fragrances envisioned by Gérald Ghislain, a loquacious individual with a luxuriant imagination who has chosen to bring his stories to life through perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium.