A Midsummer Daydream

Ah, here comes the middle of summer... like a neverending midsummer daydream. Whether you are frolicking the rooftops of Manhattan's scintillating skyline or eyeing the French from Parisian terraces, telling stories of escapades in the provinces or the Hamptons, or planning transatlantic journeys, there is always a reason to rejoice in the heat.
A far cry from the warm amber scents are a small collection of our favorite scents that will have you diving into pools and reciting sonnets of summer gardens.

A Romantic Picnic in the Park

Now that allergies and exams are far gone, time has come for some to have fun. Summer, as we know, is ideal to renew past friendships and fool around with lovers and friends. For those who cannot resist the urge to have a picnic on the slopes of the Buttes Chaumont, on the foothills of Sheep's Meadow in Central Park, on the scalding cobblestones of the Quais de Seine or in any countryside meadow, 1725 is the answer. A unisex fougère, on its downy base of sweet vanilla, powdery coumarin and cloudlike musks blooms a gentle, well balanced heart where the freshness of bergamot and lavender lights up the leathery stickiness of a gourmand licorice accord. 1725 is a sophisticated signature for everyone to wear, suited to any picnic with friends ... with benefits.

This is not a Blue Bottle 1/.2
A Roadtrip with Friends

This is Not a Blue Bottle 1/.2
Leaving, never to come back. Already thinking of driving along the impressive Irish coast or hiking alone in green and narrow alpine vales where wild streams sing while running down the mountains or climbing upstate and heading west to the deserts. 1/.2 is a weapon of choice should you plan to connect with nature again, with friends or lovers or alone. On the watery and transparent whiteness of a base of hedione and musk, an ylang-ylang and Lilac accord pops. The first is devoid of any animalic inflexions and offer a solar and narcotic profile whilst the second, met with the bubbly freshness of a Lily of the Valley stem, softens with pastel hues a luminous overture of citrusy ivy. 1/.2 lives, sparkles, is modern and timeless and makes the pleasure of sunny days last, that a fresh wind, whether from the forest or the sea, sweeps through.

A Vaxxed Summer of Love Awaits

Romance, flirts, champagne twinkling in the cup, sorbets dripping on one’s fingers – empty museums, crowded gardens, squeaking beds and suffocating nights. 1969 is the sum of those summers when anything can happen. Colors of a warm sun heating up the pavement and blinding the eye, a peach and chocolate accord, a lactonic sweetness that reminds us of sweet, suntan bodies on the beach. A touch of clove peppers up a never-sickly heart, a drop of rose and white flowers brings it an extra touch of distinction. A sophisticated pleasure, both regressive and distinguished, with its crackly cardamom and languid coffee, 1969 is neither candy nor treat – it is a bit of both. And we're not going to complain about it...