1828 by Histoires de Parfums X Baby Yors: An Exclusive Interview

An olfactive library of stories about famous characters, mythical years, poems and music. The collection is governed by no rules other than inspiration and is a perfect match for a collaboration with Baby Yors, the celebrated vocalist and fashion muse. Baby Yors is a multihyphenate extraordinaire, who lives between New York and Los Angeles. He directs, dances, paints, sings, acts, and writes music, and has been published in ForbesVMagazineBobblehausBillboardOut Magazine, and more. Read our interview with him for more on his inspiration, and his addiction to his newest favorite scent: 1828.

Baby Yors 1828

What made you come up with the stage name Baby? And what is your real name?
My real name is Marco Palou, and Baby came up because it felt like the closest thing to any of my creations--my babies, so to speak. And Yors is a spin on “yours,” because I’m giving my art to you. 

How would people describe you in 3 words?
Maybe: motivated, creative and cozy? 

Baby Yors 1828

Having loved both 1969 and 1828, how would you describe Histoires de Parfums to your friends?  
They are very special scents with so much thought and detail to them. Wearing them feels like playing a character… like embodying some other part of yourself. 

Baby Yors Playing a Character

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
I would say Yeonmi Park right now. She’s an activist who escaped North Korea and lives with such grace and compassion. She inspires so much in me. A true hero.  

What do you look for in a fragrance?
Something that takes me to a place. Some smells take me to happy places in my childhood or remind me of a sensation. I like that! Smells are very important to me, and they are connected directly to my emotions. I guess that applies to all of us in some capacity.

Baby Yors Connected to My Emotions
What's your first recollection of having smelled something or someone amazing?
Smelling my grandmother’s rose bath salt. She had it forever and never used it. It was more like decoration, but I remember always opening it and smelling it. It was a trip to a very pink paradise.  

Name your strongest scent memory, and the story that the scent tells.
A box of newly opened cigarettes. It takes me back to fishing with my dad.

Baby Yors 1828

Name your first ever fragrance.
212 sexy for men by Carolina Herrera. That’s the one I remember asking my dad to buy me. Before that I had some others my mom bought, but I don’t remember the names of them.

Baby Yors Fresh and Masculine

What do you like the most about Histoires de Parfums 1828?
It reminds me of one of my first colognes. One of those I don’t remember the name of. It feels fresh and masculine, so I wear it when that’s how I’m feeling. It contrasts 1969 nicely—1969 makes me feel more soft. 

If a fragrance was made for you (the year you were born), what would it smell like?
I think it would have a balance of the masculine and the feminine. Rose and tobacco. Maybe with a touch of oud. Jasmine might also make an appearance.

Baby Yors Truth in Nuance and Silence

If you could step back in time to 1828, what would you wish to do?
I would like to see what it was like back then, ONLY if I am able to come back to now. I am curious about how history books have been edited. I feel like the truth is in nuance and silence. What we know about past times today is so limited that it’s hard for us to get a clear picture. I feel like I would just speak to people and see what they have to say. 

Baby Yors 1828

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