What does gold smell like? Eternity, Wisdom and Love

Much history has been written on the essence of golds and their significance in our lives. From Tolkein to Plath, many have wondered whether the quest for golds is more arduous than their acquisition, and their worth in a world obsessed with possessing it.
But has anyone every wondered what gold smells like?
The Three Golds by Histoires de Parfums are symbols of Eternity, Wisdom and Love.
Three beloved, scented poems that touch the heart of gold’s mysterious and sensual nature make up a secret collection with life’s treasures unveiled. Eternal yellow gold represents what we make of our life and leave as our legacy. White gold with silver symbolizing wisdom, the soul’s greatest gift. Rose Gold, In a marriage between gold and copper, True Love flourishes, blushes and binds together the souls in love.
A solemn yet magnetic Rose blooms behind a screen of burning Ouds in Rosam. Thorny and bloody, plush and velvety, the scarlet bud grows amidst Incense mists. Mercurial, sullen and austere like White Gold's touch on one's wrists. ⁠Majestic, royal and fragile Rose, embraced by Oud and caressed by Incense, just like the rekindling of a long forgotten story from palatial lands. 
A bold opening of Cardamom and Lavender brings forth a heart wherein shines a duet of Carnation and Galbanum in the shade of an Oakmoss and Patchouli base under streaks of Toffee and Vanilla and Musks to evoke Yellow Gold's metallic splendor and radiance in Veni.⁠ A dazzling perfume for daring characters, hot and cold like yellow gold. Veni represents the earth, which in many ways still remains a mystery to us. It is nurturing as much as it is wild, forcing us to keep our senses sharp, all while pushing our limits.
The animalic roar of Musk is tamed by an ingenuous heart of Raspberry with Fidelis. Coffee grains and Saffron threads crackle, their spice hovering above a pool of Vanilla to mimic Rose Gold's luxurious, eye-catching yet elegant sheen.⁠ All the glowing and profound demeanor of a Rose strengthened by Oud to summon perfect love is bottled up in Fidelis⁠.
Discover it for yourself, what the golds smell like.

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