Layering: The Do’s And Dont's

What is layering?
By now you have probably heard about Layering, which is a simple method of mixing different perfumes to one another. We know that it may be natural for some and daunting for others, so here are our do’s and dont’s for a layering- done properly.
Wear scents that help complement each other, so example a simple base to accentuate your more playful fragrance. 
Or try contrasting ones: A Rose an Oud. A citrus and a Vanilla. Opposites can create a nice middle ground in perfumery. 
Apply different perfumes on different points. For example  Ambre 114  on your neck, 1472  on your wrist. 
Wear perfume on your clothes- on your coat, scarves or inner lapels of your jacket as the concentrated oils will wear into your linens for a longer lasting sillage and projection. 
Apply two overpowering scents together- Don't risk smelling like a perfume jug.  
A rule of thumb should be three fragrances to blend at a maximum.
Do not over apply your fragrances. It creates a risk of drowning out the intricate nuances into a hazy mess.
Stack them on top of each other- this will minimize the risk of overexposing your skin to certain allergens.