This is not a blue bottle 1/.6
This is not a blue bottle 1/.6

This is not a blue bottle 1/.6

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Citrus, Floral; Unisex
Top notes: Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Yuzu
Heart notes: Lotus, Neroli, Orange Blossom
Base notes: White Musks, Vanilla, Vetiver

Main Notes: Yuzu, Neroli, White Musks

Green souls fall in love in the shade of Citrus trees. Your laughter exhales a song of Yuzu zests and my kisses flutter, white, like petals of Neroli – as they rest on your Grapefruit lips. Red. The pulp of my fingers run along your Jasmine neck, I drink the blue seas of your eyes and the smell of your smiles. There is a heat, a whiff of Vanilla, of two bodies entwined in a shape of White Musks. Hypnotic Lotus and dilated pupils, there comes from my fingers like a moan of Geranium, a desire to taste you like a sip of Orange juice. Green. I waft towards you on the wings of your skin-of-clouds. “Words do not lie”. There is no end to me.

This is a blue planet, juicy like an Orange whence Lotus and Orange Blossom spring like seaspray. A haze of White Musks and tropics of Neroli shape a continent of Vanilla deserts.

"The Earth is blue like an Orange" 
This is the perfume of Love.

Customer Reviews

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It’s a love

This is a beautiful fragrance!

Mishell Johnson
Great Scent

I was very surprised. Didn't expect it to smell so good.

Patricia Robinson

The sample is nice but I wouldn't be intrested in purchasing more.

Sean M.

Another great and quality fragrance from HdeP! A very fresh and citrus, warm weather scent. If you love citrus scents you should love this one. I must admit though, it smells similar to Tom Ford’s Neroli Sauvage! Not a clone but just as good if not better and possibly cheaper than TF.

Jill Peak
Takes me to another place

Ready for a getaway for the mind, try 1/.6, it;s like sit on a tropical beach, fruity yet earthy!