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Library Collection Discovery Kit


This Discovery Kit was carefully created to provide our top selling 5 samples from the Library Collection + 2 best selling samples from our This is not a blue bottle not a blue bottle Collection.

The kit consists of 7x2ml vials of:

1969: An erotic year this perfume represents the sexual revolution and evokes an intense sensuality, accentuated by white musk and intense chocolate.

1899: A seductive night out in the City of Lights the theater, dinner, a club or a romantic rendezvous. The heady scent of the hide-and-seek of shadows and light for the nocturnal adventurer.

1828: This Eau de Parfum for modern globe-trotters breathes its aromatic Hesperides-like scents, just as a marine breeze over a wild heath. A freshness tinted with sophistication.

1804: An amber flower bouquet, in remembrance of George Sand's bond uniting her with nature, warmed with heady spices and colored by sweet fruits. She was the incarnation of the first modern woman.

Ambre 114: A caravanserai of scents for this hot oriental intensifying the natural sensuality of grey amber, sweet perfume and tinted with exoticism.

Not a Blue Bottle 1.1: From the elemental to the experimental, an expression of an olfactory hallucination, a magnetic attraction, a sensual tattoo reading pleasure on the skin, an excitement of the senses, and the vibrant rhythm of life, love, and freedom.

Not a Blue Bottle 1.2: This is an explosion, a prism refracting the light into a splash of colors. A beam of Ivy, Lilac, and Lily of the Valley illuminates a Sandalwood and White Musk milky way. This is the perfume of light.


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