1969 turns fifty - Histoires de Parfums


“ 1969, the year of evolution and revolution, turns 50. ”

From the first step on the moon to the first flight of the Concorde, 1969 is literally a lift-off. Marked by a wind of freedom that blew across the world’s youth
and that made fashion and hearts blossom. For an entire generation whose motto was "Peace and Love", 1969 has been a year filled with new sensations and emotions.

Music, the art that resonates change, was at a boiling point, a revolution in itself. The Beatles separate (but not for long), Elvis returns,
Sinatra enforces his style with My Way, and the duo Gainsbourg-Birkin set fire with "69, erotic year."

On the occasion of the year’s 50th anniversary, we offer our symbolic fragrance with an allure of the sixties era. 
Its addictive colors and scents are now available in a shower gel and body lotion.

1969 turns fifty